The almond blossom is revered as a symbol of bravery, courage, and hope


I hand molded this sweet little birdie with gum paste


Almond Blossom Bakeshop is a melt in your mouth, socially conscious confectionery specializing in whoopee pies, handcrafted toffee, cupcakes, and all kinds of other wonderful sweets. I make every delicious batch fresh to order and donate 25% of my profits to fund public education and close the opportunity gap.

I love baking and candymaking *and* I am extremely passionate about education – Almond Blossom Bakeshop allows me to meld both of these passions by satisfying palates and partnering with customers to provide much needed funding to urban education.

I hope that I can make you smile when you bite into a cupcake or a piece of toffee or a macaron, and I hope it also makes your heart smile because your purchase helps close the opportunity gap and give kids hope for their futures.  Bon apetit!


Maritess Plewnarz
Owner, Almond Blossom Bakeshop

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